Simon Cusens, the Freemason boss goes full public

Times of Malta has followed up on my revelation of Simon Cusens and sat down for an interview with him. Simon is trying to whitewash his story and the freemasonry by simply saying they are not related to the freemasonry club of David Gatt, the ex-police officer turned crime boss.

There’s a very valid reason why the statute of the Labour Party bans its members from being members of Freemason clubs. These men-exclusive clubs are mainly used for the extension of economic power within niche government circles, and this is why, there are many government directors, magistrates and even police officers who are freemasons. I brought Aleks Farrugia as an example, and since then I have also got to know that he moved on from being a director at the Ministry of Education to now being a director for national heritage: that’s how easy it is for these people and Labour Party associates to chose jobs and move around in the government system. Previous politicians who were members of freemasonry included Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, Gavin Gulia (MTA Chairman) and also Stefan Żrinżo.

There is a long list of corrupt and opportunistic government directors engaged with these groups. If the Labour Party was serious it would have cracked down on all of the government directors who are members of these groups.

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  1. Is it just me who thinks that joining a men-only group and performing rituals together is homo-erotic? Why would a grown and well-adjusted man not want to take his wife to whatever group he attends, or, if he is single, go someplace where meeting women is a possibility (not necessarily for romantic purposes but, you know, for it to be interesting)?

    A group which explicitly bans women sounds like a very boring circle-jerk to me. On those grounds alone, I would consider Freemasons to be suspicious, let alone on what we know about them serving as associations for backroom wheeling and dealing.

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