Another bizarre and shady connection of Catherine Tabone

Claudio Marcione di Scala

Apparently, Catherine Tabone is one of those cultural bureaucrats who have no idea about the culture industry and how it works, and failing to make any significant achievement in her career, she is relishing in her connections with shady people and vanity projects.

Looking at her direct orders and her projects, they mostly consist of vanity projects that cost the taxpayer millions of Euros every year without providing any return to our culture industries. One such project is the “Maltese crib” which is a vanity project that involves jetting Maltese political VIPs (like the Minister of Public Cleansing) to parties abroad to inaugurate this sordid thing. I’m not going to enter into a debate on what is art and whatnot because that’s not the point. Making cribs is a hobby and not a culture industry and public cultural institutions should serve to expand local cultural industries and not waste millions of Euros of funds on vanity projects and holidays for government officials and politicians. Catherine’s rate of return on her investments is hugely negative as she acts as the parasite she is in our name as professionals who actually build and sell stuff in the culture industries.

So, Catherine’s job as a cultural director is to fund a series of vanity projects, many of which benefit directly pro-Labour contractors and associates, all the while building her connections with what she may think are distinguished people, but are potential frauds and very shady figures. Her projection on social media is a very miserable attempt at showing that she is in some sort of high-status industry working with important people, only that the people she is working with are shady at best, and in reality, are just nobodies who are not known in any culture industry whatsoever. We already established Catherine’s connection with Konstantin Ishkhanov. who is recycling public funds to the Labour Party.

The other shady connection of Catherine Tabone is with Claudio Marciano di Scala who organised with her an art exhibition for one of her admirers, Patrick Dalli, in San Marino.  Catherine’s connection with Claudio Marciano di Scala was made when she started dating his son, also called Claudio. Well, at least, this is what she has been telling people in the government, that she had been dating Claudio Marciano di Scala (the son). Claudio Marciano di Scala (the father) seems to be one of those shady figures who like Konstantin Ishkhanov saw the light after a successful career and became a cultural philanthropist. Claudio (the father) is a retired surgeon and was Honorary Consul of Malta in San Marino and is today Honory Consul in Naples. It is very bizarre how he ended up in this position, however, he has a company in Malta and also a voluntary organisation.

Claudio Marciano di Scala (the father) had proposed to the Ministry of Culture to bring to Malta an exhibition of Andy Warhol, a proposal which Catherine had initially supported. Claudio’s proposal circulated in the Ministry of Culture and eventually the proposal was shelved, but no one gave a reason why. Maybe, the reason why the proposal did not go through was obvious and someone could actually spell it out: it was a fraud.

Claudio Marciano di Scala (the son)

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