Here’s one of Catherine Tabone’s admirers

Word travels fast in the village and apparently, Patrick Dalli is one of Catherine Tabone’s admirers. Patrick Dalli is Helena Dallui’s husband, the Maltese European Union Commissioner. Over the years he has been the recipient of government funds to promote his work and has also painted the official portrait of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. The portrait made Muscat look as if he is coming straight out of a breakfast porridge.

There’s a very funny story about Patrick’s admiration of Catherine, and it’s funny, but I’ll pass on that one. And although I have no doubt that these kinds of connections and relationships are a perfect example of the government’s nepotism and corruption at work, I’d like to delve into another aspect of Catherine’s story that is probably, much more serious and concerning.

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  1. To me Patrick Dalli is the most ignorant person I’ve ever met. I know him well enough to be able to state that. He is corrupt, without any principles whatsoever.

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