Here’s a Labour Party recruiter for Air Malta

Emanuel Cuschieri

I’m glad that Manuel Cuschieri, Labour’s Chief Ġaħan reminded me of his miserable existence. He was recently, seen on TV defending Prime Minister Robert Abela for covering up for his friend, drug dealer and previous business associate, Christian Borg. This walking toxic piece of garbage gives me great delight with his hatred because he represents everything that is wrong with the Labour Party: unbridled ignorance, greed, spite, amorality and hatred for anything that is different. I could go one, but I am in no mood to delve into the horrors of humanity at this moment.

Emanuel Cuschieri is popularly known as a Labour Party propagandist. He has a radio programme on ONE where he regurgitates his bile and fake news to his sub-literate audience on a daily basis with the Party’s benediction. However, to loyal Party devotees, Manuel Cuschieri is also something else other than a prophet: he is also a fixer for the lower classes and one of his common fixes was jobs with Air Malta. So, this means that if you are a Labour Party member and wanted a job with Air Malta for you or one of your relatives you had to go Manuel Cuschieri. The Labour Party employed hundreds of Air Malta personnel until the company went bust and is now in the process of closing down.

Manuel Cuschieri would be a great candidate for a public inquiry as he would be able to explain to us how the Labour Party uses public resources to buy votes on a massive scale.

Manuel Cuschieri is a social and economic parasite in the literal sense of the word.


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