Some notes on financing

I am glad that the media’s situation in Malta is being recorded for posterity by the Press Freedom Index, and particularly glad that our economic context was mentioned.

I would like to share my personal experience of my business and financial struggles.

As you know, I’m building my publishing house in Malta and working on this media website. I’d like to grow my website into an ever-expanding investigative media outlet, but my website brings in so far an insignificant amount of money and although my book business is profitable, it is so only because of two books only, which are A Rent-Seeker’s Paradise and ĠAĦAN FL-AQWA ŻMIEN. I lost money publishing the L-Antoloġija tal-Letteratura Mqarba along with its book launch at last year’s Malta Book Festival. I lost and am losing money with my investment in Walid Nabhan (knowingly and willingly) and I am also losing money on my upcoming publication of Juan Bautista Azopardo’s biography.

I make my money selling my work to the crypto industry and trading markets. If it wasn’t for crypto and my extra-curricular financial activities, I would have not had the money to do any of this. Meanwhile, I am constantly discriminated against by the National Book Council at the expense of my competitors while the government issues millions of Euros in subsidies to media outlets which it directly or indirectly controls, apart from having the control of the Public Broadcaster. So, it’s a big challenge. Building an unprofitable business while the government is supporting your competitors at your expense – the situation for me as a member of the press is very tough.

So, just to make it clear, my media and publishing activities are so far, and safe to say, unprofitable and they are sustained only because I have a rudimentary knowledge of the crypto gambling casino and financial markets.

Thank you, Satoshi.

PS: I also have virtually no debt with the bank, and can’t get a loan for my business activities because I am considered too risky despite having property and other assets.

PSS: Please take a moment to pay tribute to the man who made possible. Hal Finney, inventor of the PGP key, inventor of bitcoin and the only real Satoshi Nakamoto.

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