Socialists on feasts and Sundays, corrupt criminals during office hours

Robert Abela has a very cunning plan to halt the bleeding numbers of the Labour Party in the polls. Today, on the 1st of May celebrations, Robert announced that he will be announcing socialist measures every Sunday. He has also announced he will be sending another €100 tax refund to workers by post. Our economic and social problems are solved.

His speech was one of the dumbest I have ever heard by a Labour leader during the 1st of May among his hand-waving and infantile gesticulations making him look even dumber and disconnected. He said that the Opposition is an evil force which wants to see people remain poor, and workers will only survive as long as the Labour Party remains in power. Clearly, the speech was written by a ONE hack and Robert has no one around him who is capable of writing a proper speech.

Where are the intellektwals, Prim?

Robert’s speech was very camp. Basically, the champagne socialist will keep everything the same, run a government for criminals and Labour Party donors, and on feasts and Sundays will distribute cheques and social housing for the poor and the working class. He has a feudal mentality and can’t even distinguish his role as a Prime Minister from that of a village-chief in the Dark Ages. He probably and genuinely believes he is a messianic figure saving the poor from poverty with his gracious benevolence. Narcissists are often out of touch with reality and end up believing their own lies.

He has also made another big announcement, however, and this was related to the environment. A mega-reform which will completely change the situation of the environment. This mega-extensive reform which will require armies of very sophisticated technocrats includes not allowing developers to begin construction until the permit for the development is issued.


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  1. Mark I love your sense of humour 😄, I also love your unique way of getting your point across, keep up the good work and stay safe.

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