Why are all the good people leaving Labour?

The question is rhetorical and the answer is obvious. Christian Żammit, previous Xagħra Mayor has articulated this answer succinctly as he resigned from his post. Christian Żammit says he feels exasperated being alone working against a rent-seeking system.

I don’t blame him. I did not know Christian Żammit and this is the first time I have come to know who he is – I don’t know everything and everyone, although if I do make an effort, I could get to know what I want. Gozitan politics has always been distant in my life both literally as I lived in Senglea, and also because Gozitan politics is a world of its own.

The point in this story is very simple, and it took me a long time to realise it as well. The sad reality for Labour activists of goodwill is that the Labour Party has intrinsically become a criminal organisation, so there is no hope for Labour to become a progressive Party: it’s simply a market and a shop for its donors and criminal associates.

Christian Żammit’s demands and principles were very sensible. He only wanted to ensure that construction in his village is regulated according to proper standards that would have preserved the environment, the quality of life and also the aesthetic of the village itself, yet this was impossible under Labour.

It will take a long time for all the Christian Żammits in the Party to eventually come to terms with the tragedy that the party they loved and worked for many years has become unfit to govern the country, but we’re getting there. The country needs systematic change and Labour is part of the establishment that is holding back this change: it is part of the problem and not part of the solution.

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  1. X’ dizastru ta’ pajjiz sirna. Nies bla hegga u bla rieda. Il- partit tal- Haddiema sar il- Partit tal- ispekulaturi, u Oppozizzjoni bla sahha. U l- merhla tkompli ccapcap.

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