Why is Robert Abela trashing the magistrate he spoke to?

So, I revised some past articles to read what Robert Abela replied when he was confronted about his communication with Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech and what he said is actually very shocking. I don’t know why journalists have glossed over this. In order to defend himself from his very inappropriate communication with a magistrate, Robert proceeds to trash the same magistrate who trusted him in private by accusing her of meeting with Nationalist Party lawyers who have clients in her court to discuss their sentence.

What in the actual F? I literally had to listen this many times over to convince myself of what he actually said, but he actually said it. Why is Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech meeting with the lawyers of the accused brought in front of her? And who are the Nationalist Party lawyers who met the magistrate to discuss the sentence of their clients prior to it being given? And how did Robert Abela get to know this? Someone should have told him, and it wouldn’t have been the Nationalist lawyers. Maybe, it could have been a lawyer who knows Robert Abela and coincidentally, this lawyer shared his client with a lawyer from the Nationalist Party. One particular case is James Fenech’s, the alleged sanction-breaking businessman who was found innocent by Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech. James Fenech’s lawyers were Joe Giglio and Ian Stafrace who was a partner to Robert Abela in their legal company. But I have spoken to Joe Giglio and asked him about it. And I asked him whether the Magistrate has ever spoken to him in private on James Fenech’s case, and he denied it. Also of interest to note is the fact that the Attorney-General didn’t appeal the sentence.

But then again, lawyers are professional liers and I am starting not to believe any of their negations. The private conversation between Robert Abela and the magistrate was inappropriate. Robert Abela’s allegations against the magistrate are also extremely serious. The recent allegations received by the Chief Judge are alarmingly serious.

I suppose it is only fair, that the public gets some answers and later on today, I’ll willingly be annoying by calling some relevant people and press them for answers.

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  1. Some lawyers are professional liars, not all lawyers. This kind of narrative gives a free reign / justification to lawyers to act unethically and to allow their clients to perjure themselves. This is absolutely untrue, and the highest standards should be expected from lawyers.

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