Some clarifications on why I report about some alleged criminals

Christian Borg

Occasionally, I post some of my news and stories on Facebook to draw in more readers to my site. Lately, I have been reporting on the story of Christian Borg and his money laundering activities and while being down in this rabbit hole, I discovered that Christian Borg was laundering his money through several of his associates. I discovered that one of his associates laundering his money was Monique Mizzi and I discovered this through official company documentation. No one told me about Monique Mizzi until I discovered her paper trail. I did not take an active interest in finding out with whom Christian Borg was sleeping with and with whom he was having children – this kind of stuff does not interest me unless it is connected to the subject’s criminal enterprise. Monique Mizzi is crucial to Christian Borg’s money laundering plans and she is very important to his story for this reason.

My interest in Christian Borg is due to the fact that he has had corrupt deals with the now Prime Minister, Robert Abela. Christian Borg is also being directly covered and protected by Robert Abela himself. This is why Christian Borg is a person of interest. I am not interested in Christian Borg because he is a criminal, but because he has criminal deals and connections to a top-ranking politician, in this particular case, the Prime Minister himself.

I am not a reporter who is focusing on crime, but rather focusing on the Labour Party which is basically, a criminal organisation. I have no particular interest in the criminal world and it is only accidental that I have come to study it in this detail. I am a very peaceful, non-violent, bookish and nerdish person who simply loves to grow roses, read books with cats, and smoke weed. I’m not a dangerous person either, so, definitely, I’m not taking a role against Malta’s criminal forces since that is not my job. My job as I see it is to write news, facts and analysis in a country whose media landscape is captured by the Labour Party propaganda machine. I’m a publisher, so I publish stuff that I think is relevant to society and that’s how I see it in simple terms.

I know many stories about Malta’s criminals. As I wrote earlier, Malta’s criminal underworld is very small, and one can get to know it very easily. As a historian who is accustomed to studying big things, I find the study of Malta’s criminal underworld very easy. But I am not interested in criminals per see, so I am not going to write about criminals and their stories unless these stories are relevant to the public in a significant matter. On the other hand, all criminals connected to the Labour Party, should abandon and lose all hope because it is in our public interest to clean public and political life from criminals.

For example, I know of pimps and drug dealers who have got away with it in the past because of corruption within the police corps. I know police officers who used to sell drugs and then there is the world of finance where some dubious characters are using Maltese companies to launder their money through fake art sales, and so on and so forth. There is never a shortage of crime and investigations one can make. However, there are plenty of other media outlets that can take these stories, so I prefer to focus my time on what is most significant. I think Christian Borg’s case and his criminal enterprise are very significant right now because it is a crystal clear testament to the criminality and corruption of Prime Minister Robert Abela.

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