Meet the Labour team preparing to replace Robert Abela (and it’s not getting better)

Miriam Dalli and Kurt Farrugia

Bizarre things are happening in the House of the Labour. It’s basically game over for Robert Abela irrespective if he successfully holds on to power in the next elections. Virtually, he is the Prime Minister, but in reality, he is fast losing his grip on power, his authority and the very little respect he had successfully gained through relentless propaganda and theatre. From now on, Robert Abela rules only by fear and sheer executive force. As a leader of a criminal organisation with no political values or ideology left, Robert Abela is respected insofar as he is able to give power and wealth to his associates. As soon as the numbers leave him, they will tear at him for bringing them down from power.

Those in the Labour Party who still have a bit of intelligence left in their minds know fully well that Robert Abela is unfit for the Premiership. His cover-up for Joseph Muscat was widely accepted by top-Party officials and MPs. It was even genuinely tolerated and “understood” because they genuinely think and feel, bonded by their past friendship with him, that they can’t and should not hurt him, let alone see him in jail. He was their Prime Minister and their friend after all. So, they collectively protect Joseph Muscat by keeping silent and allowing Robert Abela full control over the police and the attorney-general. They also believe that the majority of people don’t care whether Joseph Muscat goes to prison or not and this topic has been discussed various times in this website.

Yet, lines have been crossed and so far, no one had the gall to say it in his face, but the Prime Minister feels that they know it, and they know that he knows how they feel. They feel embarrassed, to say the least, that their Prime Minister is a crook and a criminal who is protecting low-life criminals like Christian Borg. The scandal is extremely damaging to the Party’s reputation and they know it. Joseph Muscat used to pull a scene, on occasion, to pretend that he doesn’t tolerate wrongdoing, just like when he fired Emmanuel Mallia as Minister of the Interior over his driver’s drive-by-shooting. Ok sieħbi, that was a good act, but Robert Abela’s scandals are not in the Party’s interest.

Not in the Party’s interest. They are words which come down on you like a tonne of bricks, and top Labour officials are telling this to Robert Abela frequently, but silently, with quick nods, curt conversations, and a great deal of visible stress on their faces. There’s a lot of fear and loathing. Many of them feel trapped because they don’t want to end up unemployed like I did. They want this nightmarish political season to end peacefully, and although they don’t even have the courage to think it out loud, so far, they are consciously working towards their new goal to change the leadership of the Labour Party and there is only one contender for this role: it’s Miriam Dalli. By foresight, Robert Abela has already been disgraced and he has already become a thing of the past – it’s only a matter of time.

Miriam Dalli has a very clear plan and she is being backed by Kurt Farrugia who plans to be her right-hand man when she becomes Prime Minister. Miriam Dalli has roped in Steve Ellul with her who is her finance guy. She has a team and she has big plans, mainly, to keep the peace within Labour, keep covering for Muscat, and shove back Robert Abela’s scandals in the back-burner of history. A new and clean face for Labour. Progressive and feminist. The vision of the future. Everything stays the same, as everything gets worse in the process. Change chairs, reset and repeat.

Robert Abela knows that Miriam Dalli has leadership plans and he consciously supports her in his attempt to ensure that the next Labour leader will also protect him just as he protects Muscat. In reality, the deal to cover up for Robert Abela may not actually happen and Robert fears this too, so Robert may not feel compelled to support Dalli after all. Robert Abela may go for someone weaker than Miriam Dalli so that he may have more influence on his successor, maybe a Silvio Schembri or Jonathan Attard, both his strong allies and lackeys.

The shadow of corruption and criminality will follow Robert Abela wherever he goes. Robert Abela will be surprised to know about the number of Labour Party insiders who in the last month have called me and complained about their exasperation with the Labour Party’s direction or lack of it. Many people are getting fed up even if they don’t have the courage to speak up. Many are still willing to be complicit in Labour’s criminality despite knowing how wrong and convoluted everything around them has become. Robert has really messed it up and he knows, so much so that even on Twitter he is absent. He doesn’t want to speak to journalists because he knows they will ask him about Christian Borg, so instead he will keep playing games and theatre hoping that all this bad stuff will eventually, go away. It won’t. It’s only downhill from now on for Robert and Miriam is absolutely loving it.


  1. Miriam Dalli is another wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    She profited from her MEP status despite being vociferously against the EU and she always backed up the crooks and criminals in the corrupt PL.
    The objective of every PL aspiriant is continuity for covering up the Labour leaders and gang, and making good money out of it in the process by enrolling as a beneficiary of dirty money.

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