Someone changed plans on the arraignment of Charlotte Ciantar

Robert Abela with Albert Zerafa driving Chaudron 33 built by Ciantar.

Yesterday, you may have read the news that Martin Farrugia, who is also Charlotte Ciantar’s partner, has been arraigned in court over tax fraud. Charlotte Ciantar is Aaron Ciantar’s sister and Aaron has been friends with Robert Abela since they were in their 20s.

Court documents submitted by the Attorney-General show that Charlotte Ciantar was supposed to be arraigned in court with her partner Martin Farrugia and their daughter Martina, however for some reason, the police changed their plan and Charlotte and Martina were not charged.

Robert used to hang out with Aaron and the Ciantar’s in Buġibba driving and cleaning Aaron’s speedboats. Aaron Ciantar is an agent for Chaudron’s speedboats, a business which he inherited from his father, Charlie (Il-Ħexa) from Marsa. Charles Il-Ħexa has been involved with speedboats ever since the early 1990s after gaining a notorious reputation in crime. Aaron and Robert Abela are very close friends. The government also subsidised a speedboat contest organised by the Ciantar’s called Vomquest.

Charlotte Ciantar


Charles or Charlie Ciantar is the elderly man in the front. Aaron Farrugia is next to him.
Aaron Farrugia visiting the OPM shortly before Voomquest takes place.


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