Particular friends with particular connections

Ramon Mercieca and Gabria Gatt

Charlotte Ciantar was on the Attorney-General’s indictment list but was not arraigned with her partner this week. Since then I have leant that Charlotte Ciantar has a very interesting friend who is also well-known with those who take an active interest in the police and this is police inspector Gabria (Gabz) Gatt who was promoted to her post by Angelo Gafa in 2020 or 2021. What’s interesting about police inspector Gabria Gatt is that she is a close friend to disgraced deputy-commissioner Ramon Mercieca. Gabria Gatt is also sister to Kurt Gatt who used to hang out with Austin Gatt, served as a security officer to the PN.

Inspector Gabria Gatt with Charlotte Ciantar


Ramon Mercieca and Gabria Gatt

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