Monique Mizzi: A villain from early years

Monique Mizzi

Incredible how things come together when you investigate a story and everything starts making sense.

You may remember Monique Mizzi, Christian Borg’s partner who is helping him launder his money, and nowadays also his domestic abuse victim. Well, it seems that Monique Mizzi has always desired to be a villain of some sort, so much so that in her teenage years, she used to be the partner to sex offender and wannabe child-pimp, Joel Caruana, known as Joel C. And indeed, no surprises here, Monique Mizzi was a recruiter for Joel by recruiting his dancers and girls who most of them, back then were underage. One particular dancer who was solicited by Monique Mizzi in those years has told me that Monique Mizzi offered her more money if she would have accepted to do several sex acts – the dancer being solicited was 14 years old back then.

Joel C was eventually convicted of various sexual offences including defiling underage girls.

So, Monique Mizzi went from being the partner to a criminal to being a partner to another criminal because she wanted money very fast, and eventually ended up becoming humiliated and victimised by being beaten to a pulp by her own boyfriend.

Just a word of advice to teenagers. If you want to make money, take the honest and legal road and don’t get involved with bad people.

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