The little helpers of Christian Borg

Andrea Bonnici

Christian Borg seems to have commissioned his friend Andrea Bonnici to sell his villa in Manikata and this is interesting because a source who knows the person well has told me that Andrea, a young twenty-two-year-old is already a managing director and owns what seems to be an unregistered company that shows on its page, the same number used by Labour Party Local Council election candidate Matthea Sghendo. Incredible how entrepreneurial this young lad is and I wonder to whom he may be able to sell a €2.3 million villa. I doubt if he is going to sell it, anyway, because every real estate agent in Malta is reeking in desperation to get this villa sold to the greater fool.

I am also told that Andrea Bonnici is in a relationship with Matthea Sghendo and that’s why there is the same number. Matthea Sghendo is also seen here in a political activity next to Rosianne Cutajar, and this is because her mother Elke Sghendo used to be Rosianne Cutajar’s secretary, but was eventually given the job of executive secretary for the central government local councils department.









Elke Sghend with Rosianne Cutajar



Matthea Sghendo marked in red





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