Two salaries for doing jack, but too harpy to buy a VIP pass

At a time when Malta’s state institutions are in crisis, this is what the Labour Party’s pseudo-intelligentsia is preoccupied about. Apparently, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and the Head of the Department of History, Dominic Fenech is disappointed that he can’t find a comfortable seat at the departures area of Malta’s International Airport. He is paid two salaries for sitting on his hands at the Faculty of Arts and the Department of History, yet is too harpy and miserable to buy a VIP pass for a better seat that doesn’t cost more than €1,000 per year, which for him is quite affordable.

You may also remember Dominic Fenech defending Rosianne Cutajar saying he doesn’t remember what Rosianne Cutajar did wrong. Allow me to refresh his memory for a while. Maybe he should buy a VIP pass, take a comfortable seat and start pondering on the state of the nation and his faculty as it all goes to the pits. Probably, it would be his most important expense after free-loading from the public purse for so long.


  1. The Labour party no longer has what you label as intelligentsia. It is a party run by a class of crass and pretentious bourgeoisie, sycophants and opportunists of all shapes and sizes. It is a party that has sold it’s soul to the capitalist devil God. It has sunken to the lowest pits of corruption, and only uses its socialist roots when it suits them. Following the party’s resounding electoral victory in 2013 it was taboo to refer to the Labour Party or Partit Laburista or to play traditional Labour anthems. It was all about the movement. It was the first time that the workers Labour Party installed a Business mogul officially in Castille. The message was clear this was no longer the workers party. The local busines cabal and network of white collar criminals and not so white collar criminals have highjacked the Party and Castille.
    I remember the likes of Domnic Fenech who were ever so militant and a revolutionarie in favour of workers rights. Today they have all grown complacent and senile.afraid to speak up against the continous fuck-ups and abuses carried out in the name of the Labour Party.

  2. Labour’s intelligentsia consists of persons who think that protecting the morally and the criminally corrupt Labour politicians and their cronies is cool. And those are Labour’s best brains. Imagine the gahans.
    The few holders of logic and honesty ad abandoned the party years ago.

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