The Labour Party tries to normalise fraud and corruption

So, the captured state broadcaster run by the Labour Party’s propagandists, Television Malta is airing a programme on Malta’s freemasons and they are interviewing one of their bosses. The freemason boss was interviewed with his face covered and apparently said a lot of ridiculous things which make this weird organization sound normal and acceptable. It’s trash TV for a Mafia State.

Here’s the problem with the freemasons. Although they are a band of weird freaks cosplaying history, they actually wheel and deal together and use their extensive relationships and networks to rent-seek and obtain government resources through their network.

For example, the man interviewed here is Simon Cusens, who is involved in the medical equipment business and is also indirectly related to the fraudulent purchase of the medical company Technoline by Vitals. Simon Cusens sold the company to Ivan Vassallo before Ivan Vassllo sold it to Vitals. Pierre Sladden, a business partner to Keith Schembri and Adrian Hillman was also involved in this deal. Instead of discussing how these groups distort economic competition and rent-seek from the government, they are being given a platform to normalise their behaviour. It’s all very typical of a state broadcaster in a mafia state.

There is much more that can be said about Simon Cusens’ little band of merry-shady men. His club of freemasons also has Labour Party affiliates as members and government directors.

UPDATE: Here’s Simon Cusens Right of Reply.

In terms of the Media & Defamation Act, your client is being requested to publish the following as a right of reply giving the same prominence as was done with the relative blog post. The right of reply is to be posted immediately beneath the relative blog post.

‘I am not involved in the medical equipment business and have not been involved in the medical business since my family and another family both sold their shareholding prior to May 2017.

I sold my business to a Maltese company which isn’t mentioned in your article and consequently, I was never connected to dealings that the acquiring company may have had or may have subsequently or allegedly entered into after the sale.

I have never had any business dealings with Ivan Vassallo who was an employee at my workplace right until my last day of work there in April 2017, nor with any of the other persons you mention and in any shape or form.’

My client reserves his right at law to file legal proceedings for libel in the event that his right of reply is not published to the letter & in full.

For your client to be guided accordingly.

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