The Labour government is legalising zoos to accommodate its criminal friends

Zoos in Malta is increasing because criminals and people with serious mental health issues with a lot of money want to own tigers and lions, and the Labour government wants to accommodate these people. Currently, the Labour Party is proposing legislation which will legalise zoos of exotic animals that are currently being kept illegally.  Malta had made a significant step forward in animal rights when it banned animal circuses, now Labour is pushing the clock backwards.

Malta has a serious problem with animal cruelty, and Labour’s law will only add to the problem.  The Minister for Animal Rights doesn’t care, of course. Anton Refalo is like a tourist in politics, surfing Labour’s wave passively and indifferently, just using politics as a hobby and a background to his real-estate deals. The only people who want Labour’s law on animals are criminals, bullies and the literal insane, and Labour politicians are not interested to pick a fight with these weirdos over a bunch f tigers and lions in a cage in a tiny Maltese farmhouse.

Every day we have a new reason why to vote Labour out. They are so unelectable that it hurts.


An insane man has rebuilt a zoo in a tiny farmhouse in Mtaħleb after it was burnt down.
Anton Cutajar is another owner of a tiny farmhouse-turned-zoo for big cats. He recently bullied people in public after he was criticised for his zoo.


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