Only dictators and criminals fear the book and press industries

I’m glad that Robert Abela is making it very clear to everyone how he thinks about books, the press and free speech. For a moment, Robert Abela tried to pretend he is supporting the free press by instituting a military council to control it whilst introducing the absolute right to privacy for everyone in Malta’s constitution. Eventually, journalists realised that Robert’s press reform was a total deceptive fraud and the government has so far shelved its proposals.

It was also very notable that Robert Abela made this attack against the book and press industries at the Labour Party’s Annual General Conference in front of Party delegates and MPs. Robert wants to rally the Labour Party against free speech and the industries which serve speech to proliferate. Robert has realised that there is a limit to how much he can control these industries and as these industries serve as the last bastion for the truth they are becoming ever a greater threat to his rule. So, as Robert Abela struggles to keep Malta’s criminal groups under his wing, or so he thinks, Robert needs the book and the press industry to shut down. We are dangerous to him and this makes us even cooler. There was never a better time to get involved in the book and press industries in Malta. We need more entrepreneurs and highly-skilled people.

Yet, there is nothing which will rub off the tragedy of the fall of the Labour Party into this abyss. The Labour Party was started by intellectuals and workers who took an avid interest in literature, most notably that of Manwel Dimech. Now, Robert Abela is trashing all this legacy out of pure, personal and criminal interest. He can’t even be guiltier if he tried harder. His face screams “help me” as he contends with the reality that despite disarming the whole State to protect his criminal friends, the book and press industries filled the void which he has left. He feels he can’t be a leader as long as we stick around. The emperor is naked. Fragile, insecure, criminal and anti-literate.

What a legacy to leave behind for the Labour Party. His name will forever be a smear and a disgrace in the history of the Labour Party.

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