Monique Mizzi may very well be a victim of Christian Borg’s

Monique Mizzi

I have had various reports and testimonies of Christian Borg’s relationship with Monique Mizzi. I have been told very ugly stories as well, and I can safely say that she may be in physical danger. The thing is that it is not the first time that her friends saw her battered and visibly beaten by him. I have no doubt that she is in an abusive relationship with him where she is being victimised, even though she may not admit it. She may also be trapped and unable to exit her situation, and well, having your boyfriend protected by the Prime Minister himself may be scary to a woman who is the victim of serious violence.

Monique Mizzi is currently laundering Christian Borg’s money with fake companies, and she is also studying AML specifically to help her boyfriend launder his money.

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