Updated: Edward Curmi of G7 denies connection with Monique Mizzi

Monique Mizzi

Updated with Edward Curmi’s comments. 

Edward Curmi of G7 has sent me messages through a third person, denying any connection with Monique Mizzi, saying that Monique Mizzi had left G7 five years ago before she met Christian Borg.

He also denies being on the privileged list of Lionel Gerada’s funding recipients, mentioning specifically Edward Zammit Tabone as being one of the larger recipients of MTA’s funds for events.

I want to make it clear that Monique Mizzi’s Facebook account still shows she works for G7.

End Note.

Malta is a tiny place and its industries are run by a small number of individuals, and this also applies to the criminal world.

So, if I am a wholesale drug dealer and I am trading in significant volumes, I may probably get to quickly know each and every person in the Maltese drug trade. Then I will start to get to know the people involved in the drug trade but are not necessarily full-time drug operators, and then I start to get to know the other criminals who are somewhat related.

Given that the criminal underworld is small, and everyone who is in it knows each other, there is a lot of cross-sectoral movement of criminals between one criminal trade and another and there is a lot of economic and trading mobility. In other words, it is easy to move your money from one sector to another and find the people to do it for you. For example, if I import drugs, and then decide to trade in illegal immigrants, I will speak to someone in the criminal world who will set me up. Many criminals are friends of each other (or pretend to be friends with each other), and basically, move and socialise in each other’s circles. The local criminal underworld is all interconnected. That’s how it works.

So, I’m not at all surprised that Monique Mizzi, the young woman who aspires to be the money laundromat of Malta’s criminal underworld also works for G7 Events, a company owned by Edward Curmi and Owen Spiteri that is involved in the funds’ racket at the Malta Tourism Authority. More than €7 million per year is handed out by the Malta Tourism Authority to a select group of events organisers to organise parties for teenagers and young people. This racket at MTA is run by a fixer and convicted criminal originally appointed by Konrad Mizzi, called Lionel Gerada.

Basically, the whole Maltese criminal underworld, from top to bottom is propped up by the Labour government and this is also another reason why criminals like Christian Borg and Lionel Gerada are protected by the government: their indictments for their crimes would open a pandora box as long and extended criminal connections leading to people in power will become compromised and stories would be revealed. It’s a house of cards that can fall as soon as one of them goes to prison.

I’ve also been told that apparently, Monique Mizzi is studying for an AML-related degree at a private academy. They are so predictable and so stupid.

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