I’m not gay. Promise to Jesus

Who in the hell goes out of his way to make an explicit statement that they are not gay?

“Hello, I’m Sandro Camilleri. I know that my metrosexual projection of myself has caused some to think that I may like sex with men, but I promise you that I don’t.”

Also, what in the hell is racism against gays? Hello, since you are gay, I’m going to be racist towards you. What?

I’m dead.


  1. He says that all the time. I know people who interviewed for the university studies and he made it a point to tell them that he was not gay. He was not hitting on them, and they were not hitting on him, but just like in that article, he went on a long rant about how he is not gay. They ended up having to edit it out of the transcript and finding some way to make it make sense…

  2. No wonder police often file the wrong charges (with the consequence of criminals getting let off on technicalities) if a superintendent, and a workers’ union leader to boot, cannot tell the difference between racism and homophobia.

    And if Sandro Camilleri believes that there is nothing wrong with being gay, why is he threatening legal action (on what grounds?) against the man who implied that he is?

    How can someone so thin skinned and unprofessional be put in charge of bringing money launderers to justice? Oh, it’s because appointing manifestly incompetent people to top positions is the whole point. Labour wants anyone leading an institution of checks and balances to fail, so that no mafioso or bażużlu is ever brought to justice.

    Corrupt, the bloody lot of them.

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