They want him out but not for the right reasons

Police Commissioner, Angelo Gafa

I have sources both at the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Interior. There are active and ongoing discussions between top government officials of the Ministry of the Interior and the Office of the Prime Minister on a potential replacement for Angelo Gafa, although there is nothing decided yet. In fact, Robert Abela has a very difficult dilemma regarding Angelo Gafa’s future and he can’t make a decision, but his advisors and top officials from the Ministry of Interior are pressuring Robert Abela to replace him.

Just to make it clear they are not going to fire him. They are discussing the possibility of rewarding Gafa with a high-paying consultancy job when his term as Commissioner expires.

The discussions on the future of the police chief are centred around the image problem and this is political in nature. Robert Abela knows that the public feels and knows that the police aren’t doing enough to combat criminality and corruption on a high level. So, Robert Abela’s close circle of advisors and apparatchiks want a Police Commissioner who would give the impression that he or she is fighting against criminal groups or corruption. They also want this Police Commissioner to be media savvy so as to participate;ate in a lot of theatre and PR campaigns.  Labour is playing a game of theatre and pretences with the police. This game of theatre is also very similar to what the independent journalist Marco Travaglio used to describe as the Italian government’s position on the mafia which used to be “fighting the mafia, but not destroying it”. In Malta, we are even a step behind from that particular Italian stage because first, the Maltese government has yet to ensure that the police actually give the impression that it is fighting the mafia.

And this is how the career of a robot bureaucrat gets trashed. Having been appointed with the aim not to rock the boat, Angelo Gafa fulfilled his task very well because none of the Labour corrupt crooks was indicted, and now we even have impunity for cocaine dealers who were friends and business partners to the Prime Minister himself. Truly a Mafia State. Yet, despite fulfilling his mission and pleasing his masters, Angelo Gafa may still have to leave his post in disgrace. Of course, once he is removed from Police Commissioner, he will be given a very high-paying job to keep his mouth shut, but in history’s record, Angelo Gafa will forever be in disgrace.

That’s a pity. Having wasted three years of his career ingratiating himself with his corrupt political master, Angelo Gafa still didn’t get much out of his position. I’m neither religious nor superstitious, but sometimes life does follow a certain superstitious logic. Angelo Gafa is going to get what he deserves. If you act and work like a slave, your master won’t be incentivised to treat you right. He’ll treat you only worse so that you slave even more for him in total humiliation all the way whilst still hoping you will try to please him even more. What a total cuck.

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  1. Welcome to the Mafia Island…The Capital hot spot of Cocaine, Money-Laundering, Drug Trafficking, Slave Labor, Religious pedophilia and highly corrupt Political puppets.

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  1. Slowly and gradually, they will turn against him – Mark Camilleri

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