Ronald Bugeja: The Nazi prison guard (on TV)

Manuel Delia has broken the story about Ronald Bugeja, the Nazi prison guard who was on TV promoting his hagiography of Adolf Hitler. Subsequently, PEN Malta is demanding explanations from the Minister of Culture and the National Broadcaster on how a Nazi has ended up on the public broadcaster promoting Nazism with a straight face.

I would also add that Ronald Bugeja’s position as a prison guard is also untenable. Nazis and fascists have no business in the armed forces, police or any other law and order institution. It is also known that racism is rife within the police and the armed forces and there are various ongoing cases of outright racist violence committed by officers in uniform. Lassan Cisse was murdered by two soldiers who used to go out at night with their car to abuse black immigrants until they literally shot and killed one, while two police officers are currently facing charges of intentionally violently abusing black immigrants.

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