Covered and protected (by the police themselves)

Christian Borg

Did Christian Borg release a statement today? I’m asking rhetorically because of course, I’m not going to read it. Unless he speaks on what he knows about Robert Abela I really have no interest in what he wants to say.

Anyway, in the meantime I made some inquiries and checked with some of my sources because it got me thinking, how could Christian Borg get away with it when it is so obvious and evident that he is laundering money? The answer, of course, would be obvious, the police are protecting him, yes, but how?

So, I got to understand and learn several things about the Police Force thanks to Christian Borg and his case. First of all, Jason Azzopardi had already revealed that Christian Borg was being investigated for money laundering by the police. What happened to this investigation? Well, Jason Azzopardi is a political veteran compared to me, but I have my sources too and they are different from Jason’s. Apparently, the police’s money laundering investigation on Christian Borg was hampered deliberately by a series of intelligent factors making the hampering of the investigation look legitimate.

First of all, readers may remember this article when I criticised the Police Commissioner for his excuses about “lacking funds and resources”. However, I got to learn that the lack of resources with regard to the investigation of Christian Borg was deliberate. The deliberate withholding of the resources allocated to the investigation of Christian Borg was due to two factors. Firstly, there is a well-known public secret within Robert Abela’s close circle of allies and government mandarins, that Christian Borg has compromising information on Robert Abela and it is best to contain Christian Borg so as not to cause Robert Abela any damage. Secondly, since this public secret is well known to the police, the police themselves do not want to investigate Christian Borg for fear of being punished by being denied promotions. This kind of situation was explained to me by a previous police official Mary Muscat. In fact, and this is where it gets very devious and intelligent, this public secret that Christian Borg has compromising information on Robert Abela, is actually intended to be well-known to police officers so its revelation takes its desired effect: no one wants to investigate Christian Borg.

It is much more complex. There were also a series of resignations by police officers who were working on this case, and the resignations were mostly caused by a lack of morale. Some police officers got tired of fighting against the system for a couple of shillings so they moved on elsewhere. Some of these police officers were offered jobs with the government so as to buy their silence, and some of these offers were made by cabinet ministers who are helping Robert Abela cover up his mess with regard to Christian Borg.

This is just one story about one particular individual who has a compromising relationship with Robert Abela. In fact, there are other known criminals who have compromising information on Robert Abela that is much worse than Christian Borg’s.

It’s also important to note that Christian Borg had previously bribed the taxman, Marvin Gaerty.

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