Christian Borg’s villa in Mellieħa is up for sale

Christian Borg, the cocaine dealer and business associate of Prime Minister Robert Abela, is selling his villa in Manikata, Mellieħa and it’s listed on the market for €2.3 million.

Christian Borg thought he could scam, harass, and violently abuse people and get away with it because he was Robert Abela’s friend and business associate. He also thought he could get away with washing his cocaine profits into properties, cars and a car-leasing business and he even bragged that if he was indicted for money laundering, he would reveal what he knows about Robert Abela.

It’s incredible how Christian Borg has been allowed by banks and financial authorities to launder so much money, so brazenly and so openly without any consequence. Truly a mafia state.

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  1. and the FIAU is bureaucratically chasing everyone for senseless thick annual reports – but conveniently sits on its hands unless an STR gently falls on its lap!

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