Christian Borg and Luke Milton are cocaine dealers who washed their money in cars

Joseph Camenzuli and Luke Milton

There’s a lot that I have learned about Christian Borg and Luke Milton just in a day calling people and browsing through their companies’ documents. For starters, Christian Borg and Luke Milton started their companies with millions of Euros of capital most of it coming from cocaine sales on a wholesale level or in slang terms “moving kilos”. They have also scammed people in crypto on which I am still recovering information, although that came later after they made their money in the drug business. Their methods in the drug trade were much to be desired since they scammed and extorted other dealers and still have debts with some of their old victims in the criminal underworld. Christian Borg is also known for having made an insider trading deal with Robert Abela through the Planning Authority when Robert was still raking in fees from the Planning Authority.

Luke Milton has a company called Goldcar Operations Limited in which Christian Borg was also an owner. Christian Borg owns Princess Operations and No Deposit Cars which are now directed by Labour Party employee, Joseph Camenzuli. All of the companies are in the car leasing business. Most of their accounts show unexplained huge jumps in revenue, unexplained losses, and unexplained huge loans like an €8.8 million loan to No Deposit Cars which Christian Borg gave to himself or the €1.6 million operating loss of Goldcar Operations in the first year it registered its activity. They may also be wash-trading with each other to fake the activity and they are banked by Bank of Valletta. They may have other companies and I am looking at them too.

Also, for the authorities reading this post, I am not going to speak to you about this matter, nor am I going to testify in court. Do your bloody job. As with regard to libel cases you may as well proceed to file without bothering to send me emails in advance asking me to pull down my post. The usual rule applies: mess around and find out.


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