Robert Abela’s friends and clients: criminal scum

Joseph Camenzuli and Luke Milton

Things are so bad in Malta right now with regard to impunity for Labour Party associates and criminals that just today, the company run by some of Robert Abela’s criminal friends and associates,  No Deposit Cars has released a banner mocking the lawyer representing the plaintiffs suing the company for fraud. Christian Borg, the owner of No Deposit Cars is Robert Abela’s friend who made an insider trading deal with him through the Planning Authority and is currently out on bail pending charges of abduction and kidnapping. As of last month, Christian Borg has been bragging with his friends that if the police arraign him on money laundering charges, he will spill the beans on what he knows about Robert Abela.

Readers may have wondered about the questions I framed about Joseph Camenzuli, the previous Labour Party employee who was entrusted to act as a director of Christian Borg’s companies. Well, the answer is obvious and has been standing in front of us all the time. The reason why the Labour Party is taking the trouble to ensure that one of its employees runs Christian Borg’s companies is to keep close to Christian Borg and his criminal associates because they are afraid of them. This is also why the Labour Party is trying to keep awarding public contracts to the company while they try to keep Christian Borg as happy as they can to limit the damage from a potential fallout.

Christian Borg and Luke Milton, seen in the latest Times of Malta feature on the criminal company, are the same persons who were seen on video bullying two African men in the middle of the street. Christian Borg and Luke Milton parked their car in the middle of the street blocking the way for the African men who were there on work and once they asked the criminals to move away, the criminals reacted with violence and bullying. Another member of this gang of criminal friends is Tyson Grech who also threatened to rape a woman apart from being accused of abduction and kidnapping along with Borg. Tyson Grech is also out on bail.

This is Malta under a Labour government with a Prime Minister associated with criminal scumbags.


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