Updated: Pedro Sanchez’s visit to Malta was obligatory not willing

Coincidentally, after I wrote this, Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez visited Malta in what probably is one of the first visits to Malta by a Western leader ever since Robert Abela took office. However, I have just been informed that Pedro Sanchez’s visit to Malta was obligatory as part of Spain’s obligation to visit all EU countries before taking over the EU Presidency. For a moment, I thought that Robert Abela had a win, but he didn’t.

Sanchez, known back in his country as “Mr Handsome”, is one of the only last remaining political allies of our government in Europe, and this is given to the default relationship through the Party of European Socialists. In fact, they had extensive discussions on EU party politics given that next year a new Commission will be formed. Currently, the European Socialists are in trouble because they may very well lose many seats in the next MEP elections.

Despite the fact that this is one of the first visits to Malta under Robert Abela’s premiership by a head of Western government, Robert didn’t give Sanchez, supposedly his friend, a welcome with an honorary guard at the airport. He waited for him in his office in Castile. Supposedly he is busier than Sanchez. And what about holding a press conference just to give a statement? It’s like we’re in a dictatorship. The press was not even allowed to make any questions, probably so that Robert is not embarrassed once again with questions about daily scandals of his government.


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