Will Police Deputy Commissioner Ramon Mercieca take a drug test?

Previous Police Deputy Commissioner and FIAU Board Member, Ramon Mercieca.

Would Rosianne Cutajar’s friend and Police Deputy Commissioner Ramon Mercieca take a drug test? Ramon seems to have had quite a good time in the Malta Police Force with his clique of friends, partying and trying to live a high life along with suspected criminals. Darren Casha, who was at Rosianne Cutajar’s party, also used to take cocaine with the disgraced minister, Konrad Mizzi.

I am getting to learn about Ramon Mercieca’s connections in the Malta Police Force and outside of it and I am very impressed with how the potential collusion of police officers with criminal organisations is resurfacing so fast and so quickly just as one of their own has been caught with his pants down.  It’s interesting to know that the extended connections go back a while and are even cross-party in nature (both Labourites and Nationalists). Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of hard evidence on this for now, so I am cautious about making claims, and I still would need more sources to come forward, although you can get some background information on police criminality from my book “A Rent Seeker’s Paradise.”

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