Open and public criminal bullies

Christian Borg

Readers may remember the story in 2021 about the indictment of the alleged criminal, Christian Borg who had once made an insider deal with Robert Abela when Robert worked for the Planning Authority. This is not the only connection by Robert Abela with known criminals. Christian Borg has a company called No Deposit Cars which is subject to a civil court case by its clients on accusations of fraud. Recently, the company published a video to bully its previous clients and the lawyer representing them by publishing their private information. No Deposit Cars is a recipient of various government contracts and initially was chosen as the preferred bidder to chauffeur the Maltese judiciary before the Maltese judiciary piled pressure on the government to change the contractor.

Incredibly, Joseph Camenzuli was most probably asked by someone from a very top level in the government and in the Labour Party, to take over control of the company when Christian Borg got in trouble with the law. Joseph Camenzuli was a Labour Party employee and now he is running the company of a previous client of Robert Abela whilst this client is undergoing criminal proceedings in court. Joseph Camenzuli, even vopuched for Christian Borg and now, he is bullying its clients openly and in the most criminal way. Jungle rules and impunity.

What journalists should be asking Joseph Camenzuli is this. How did you end up being a director of Christian Borg’s company? Who asked you to take the place and why do you seem to be fit to take this role? Do you have any past relationships with Christian Borg and if so, what are they? And if so who else in the Labour Party has past connections with Christian Borg?

These are the questions that journalists should be asking Joseph Camenzuli.

Joseph Camenzuli with previous Labour Minister and Joseph Muscat associate Michael Farrugia

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