No one really takes him seriously

Do you remember when last year the Minister for Finance, Clyde Caruana said that the party was over and that the government has to start cutting costs to address its deficits and debt issues? A year has passed since then and within the government, no one took him seriously. Everyone ignored him. In fact, Clyde Caruana is saying the same thing, yet again, this year. Maybe, after all, that’s why he is always acting so bombastically and so excessively confident. His overconfident demeanour is just there to make up for the lack of respect and authority that he doesn’t get from his boss and his other colleagues.

Since Clyde Caruana first made his speech on cutting government expenses, corruption and rent-seeking haven’t stopped within the government. In addition to the government’s wild and corrupt spending sprees,  the government is also losing a massive amount of capital buying natural gas at high premiums due to the horrible trade it made last year (I’ll be writing an update about this soon). And to make sure that the government keeps up with a reckless and arbitrary way in how to spend public money, Robert Abela has recently announced raises in student stipends and children’s allowance just to deflect from ongoing scandals.



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