Alex Sciberras lied to me about not being involved in the discussions with Steward Healthcare

Following this article, Alex Sciberras wrote to me saying that he was never involved in the discussions with Vitals or Steward Healthcare.

He lied. Documents show he was present for meetings held between the government and Steward, and present also was lawyer Paula Cauchi who today, still works at Chris Fearne’s ministry.

They are lying about many things in order not to compromise their previous corrupt master, Joseph Muscat but they are also dissociating themselves as best they can. No one wants to take any responsibility for anything.

Alex was one of the most trusted advisors and lawyers to Joseph Muscat and I know him personally. I am very much in conflict with myself about publishing stuff about previous friends, however, Alex should have been more honest with me, instead of abusing of my trust to send an untruthful statement like the one he sent.

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