The Joseph Muscat and Robert Abela deal

Readers of my website have often read my quotes about the deal that Joseph Muscat made with Robert Abela during the Labour Party’s leadership race of 2020. Basically, Joseph Muscat supported Robert Abela for the Labour Party’s leadership race because Robert Abela promised to protect him from the law.

Some people may have overlooked this story or may think that it is just a theory emanating from the hubris of the political crisis of that time. “No one can really know” – well, no, I do. I know everything and exactly what happened back then. I mean literally what I say.

As I previously said, Robert Abela was about to lose the leadership race because he wasn’t trusted or supported in the Party. In fact, the majority of delegates saw him as an opportunist who never contributed anything to the Party, but came in during the Party’s victorious circumstances to keep drinking from the gravy train after he spent his years under the Nationalists quietly racking in public contracts without being ever politically active. The Nationalist Party had bought his and his family’s silence so when Labour took power, Abela went to rake in even more public money for fictitious jobs all the while pretending he liked the Labour Party.

Back then we were convinced that Chris Fearne was going to win the leadership race and the surveys were showing just that. However, then something changed. Joseph Muscat asked to meet the prospective leadership contenders and he met Chris Fearne first because Chris was in the leading position. Joseph Muscat explicitly asked Chris Fearne to protect him from the consequences of the law and Chris Fearne told him no. Then Joseph Muscat went on to Robert Abela and asked him to protect him from the consequences of the law and Robert Abela said yes. Joseph Muscat then proceeded to support Robert Abela in his leadership race and won.

There is another very important factor in this equation. Joseph Muscat knows things about Robert Abela which are of a very serious nature, so Joseph Muscat can blackmail Robert Abela with this information. Robert Abela was a literal criminal lawyer, servicing and dealing with criminals and the story with Christian Borg is not an exception. It’s not just the story about Robert’s connections with Russian oligarchs by which Robert is compromised, that’s just a starter compared to what Joseph Muscat knows about Abela. The thing is that Robert Abela’s criminal dealings with Christian Borg were not an accident or an exception, but rather a common feature of Robert Abela’s business.

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