Malta good, Greece bad: thus spake Alex Agius Saliba

Today, the European Parliament discussed the rule of law in Europe and Malta was featured along with other countries. EPP MEP, David Casa noted how Malta’s authorities were prosecuting me (thanks for the mention and appreciate it) over the publication of evidence related to the investigations on the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, but weren’t prosecuting politicians who were bribed and involved in corruption. PES MEP, Alex Agius Saliba retorted by saying that Malta was good and Greece was bad and implied that David Casa was a traitor because he was attacking Malta. The Times has uploaded a summary of the clips.

The Labour Party is still propagating the idea that Maltese MEPs who raise their concerns over the rule of law in Malta are traitors, however, that’s also because people like Alex have no idea what the EU is useful for other than to serve as a podium for Labour Party propaganda and a fat pay-cheque. For those who do not know, the European Union is a club of liberal democracies and being a liberal democracy is a prerequisite for your membership in the club. This is why you hear a lot of discussions in the European Parliament about the misbehaving children of Europe. The role of the European Union is to safeguard fundamental rights and serve as a backbone for these rights even when nation-states were out of their democratic course. In fact, Helena Dalli, who was previously a Labour minister, and is today an EU Commissioner has made a very big deal out of blocking EU funds to Poland over human rights issues. If you think that David Casa is a traitor you needed this brief lecture and much more.

Alex Agius Saliba, however, is simultaneously dumb, and wicked so he may not be self-aware enough to know he is making a fool himself, but he is smart enough to know when he is lying and he knows he is lying when he says that Malta is upholding rule of law by prosecuting me for leaking evidence. Alex, like his Labour colleagues, knows that the authorities in Malta are covering up for Joseph Muscat and his associates and they genuinely believe that they can allow this impunity because society doesn’t care about justice let alone about justice for Daphne. Alex is a cynical imbecile who has no shame in making a fool of himself and his own country. And for Alex, it’s normal to lie unabashedly with the most ridiculous untruths one can imagine.

The rot is deep in the Labour Party and as they bleed votes, they are out on the offensive to ensure that their fake narratives stick. The untruths and the lies in their propaganda will only increase.

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