Robert Abela is meeting Rosianne Cutajar today

Robert Abela is meeting Rosianne Cutajar today to ask her to resign. Rosianne doesn’t want to resign and is insisting with Robert and the Party that she didn’t do anything wrong. The problem for her is that the Labour Party’s attacks against me accusing me of misogyny and what not is only a deflection and a form of exhibitionist support for her to show to her supporters that the Party is defending “one of their own”. They don’t even believe in their bullshit and many of them want Rosianne to leave, not because they believe she did something wrong, of course, but because they are so compromised and corrupt that of course, they are feeling the heat.

Rosianne Cuatajar will probably bow down to pressure and resign especially because she hasn’t got any compromising information on Robert Abela and can’t pull a Muscat on him. Robert Abela would have preferred to keep her in  Parliament to appease Muscat and his mafia, but he is also being advised by his advisors around him that Rosianne is a huge liability and needs to go.

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