Ramon Mercieca was on sick leave…. on Saturday

Police Deputy Commissioner and FIAU Board Member, Ramon Mercieca.

Some of my sources are informing me that Ramon Mercieca, the Police Deputy Commissioner who attended Rosianne’s party on Saturday was actually on sick leave on that day.

In any case, it would be expected of the Police Commissioner to issue a statement in these scandalous circumstances.


  1. Deher maghlub miskin fir-ritratt tant li nesa l-pirmli li kien qed jiehu ghax kien bid-drink f’idu. Miskin.

  2. The in-your-face and unashamed ways and manners that the Mafia are carrying out their dirty business is so worrying. This mindset is a consequence of the Mafia’s plan to remain in power for a very time. Democracy is surely not in their plans since that is now considered as dangerous to their health, as prison food usually is.

    Labour are experts in rigging votes and elections. That plan was in Joseph Muscat’s listbsince pre 2013. One of the very first steps taken by the Mafia following the 2013 election was the.creation of Identity Malta, managed and filled with Labour persons of trust who are un the business of creating identity cards, passports and voting documents.

    The PN needs to focus on this unit. It’s not who votes that counts, but it’s who counts (and creats) votes.

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