Prime Minister Robert Abela has called a journalist and whistleblower “cruel” and “vile” twice

Twice since I revealed the Rosianne and Yorgen chats, Prime Minister Robert Abela has described me as “cruel” and “vile”. He is also accusing me of deliberately leaking the chats to hurt Rosianne Cutajar whilst she is pregnant, but of course Robert is deliberately lying about this because I published the chats a day before my libel case which she opened against me on my claims that she had a relationship with Yorgen Fenech. Rosianne Cutajar also explicitly asked me to prove my claims through in court.

The fact that Rosianne is pregnant has got nothing to do with Rosianne’s actions or my actions with regard to her libel case and psychopaths should stop using their children as an excuse for their misdeeds. Children are not your props.

I also have my version about who was “vile” and “cruel” in my history.


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