Rosianne Cutajar’s mentality of dependence

Sandra Gauci, ADPD politician and MEP candidate, has made a very interesting point about Rosianne Cutajar’s relationship with Yorgen Fenech. Sandra Gauci argues that Yorgen’s grandfather, Tumas Fenech, who built Tumas Group, was looked up to by people from Qormi as an admirable benefactor and patron to the extent that the Tumas family were considered equivalent to royalty. Sandra Gauci knows very well what she is speaking about because she is from Qormi as well.

This mentality of dependence is a legacy from our colonial times and Rosianne Cutajar who comes from a poor background is vulnerable to these cultural and socio-economic traits. (This is not an attack against poor people, but only a sociological observation and my background is similar). The Maltese have lived for hundreds of years under the patronage of foreign occupants and this economic setting had provided the conditions for the adoption of a mentality of dependence by the Maltese. This mentality of dependence began changing with the working-class movement after the Second World War but it eventually evolved with many Maltese replacing their English patrons with Maltese patrons, the government or their employers. This colonial legacy is also one of the reasons why Malta has still a very low level of entrepreneurship and the reason why many young Maltese people still want to work with the government.

I tried to discuss the history of Malta’s mentality of dependence in my history books.

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  1. A mentality of dependence, as well as one of amoral exploitation – especially, when foreigners are involved. This explains how and why Malta behaves like a parasite at the periphery of the EU – both the geographic and moral periphery – selling passports and granting access to EU citizenship and EU banking infrastructure to the scum of the earth, violating UN and human rights law almost on the daily, issuing EU arrest warrants to innocent whistle blowers, as well as UN embargo busting in Libya since the 80s.

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