€1 billion in energy subsidies in 2022

Miriam Dalli. Super ONE journalist and Minister of Energy.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Robert Abela reiterated that the government has spent €1 billion in energy subsidies in 2022 to keep domestic electricity prices from going up. Abela wants people to believe that the government is burning our taxes to save us from external crises, only that these external crises are exacerbated by Labour’s amateurish way it runs the country. A large portion of these subsidies was not spent because the price of gas was high but because Miriam Dalli made a very strange and bad bet that the gas price was to remain high forever.


  1. The fundamental problem here is that they are subsidising the rich and subsidising waste.
    Why should I pay taxes for subsidising someone’s swimming pool, properties they rent out, or business who run big profits?

  2. A true socialist government would have put the subsity to good use:
    Cost /MW € 1,300,000 for each wind turbine
    Turbines generate 3 MW on average
    Cost of turbine € 3,900,000
    Energy Subsidies € 1,000,000,000 declared by @MaltaPrimeMInister
    Would have built 256 turbines
    A typical turbine powers 1,500 homes in one year(on average conditions)
    That’s 384,615 homes in Malta of renewable energy

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