Whos is Darren, the guy in the restroom with Konrad Mizzi?

My sources tell me that Darren, the guy mentioned in the Yorgen and Rosianne chats who locked himself in a restroom with Konrad Mizzi at It-Tikka’s house, is actually Darren Casha the owner of Medasia. I don’t think Darren is gay, so I assume they were doing cocaine together. Darren Casha was also director to the failed More Supermarkets which was previously run by Kieth Schembri’s cousin, Ryan Schembri. In 2015, Darren Casha seemed to have run into financial troubles, although the Labour government seems to have given him a helping hand.

It does make sense that Darren Casha was in the circle of friends with Konrad Mizzi when Konrad Mizzi was Minister of Tourism. As Tourism Minister, Konrad Mizzi issued millions of Euros of subsidies for parties and events to his friends through the Malta Tourism Authority. Until this day, Darren Casha seems to be receiving an undisclosed amount of public funds to organise his parties.

The Malta Tourism Authority has a significant budget which it distributes to event organisers¬† in Malta, but in practice, it is a slush fund for a group of friends who were close to Konrad Mizzi and today, are still reaping the proceeds under the current Tourism Minister, Clayton Bartolo. These funds are administered by a convicted criminal called Lionel Gerada. The MTA is one of the government’s authorities which is most reckless and capricious with its funding apart from its flagrant and constant cases of corruption.

A recent government-sponsored event by Darren Casha.


Darren Casha with Alex Cutajar (Konrad Borg’s PA)


Darren Casha with Lino Farrugia (father of Daniel Farrugia, Rosianne’s boyfriend)


  1. explains why foreigners are convinced that the St. Paul’s Hotels (Pebbles) is of Konrad Mizzi and saw his car often… and the strange parties in the pool area and thereafter Medasia and there parties etc…. (also a concern when they (foreigners) say and are convinced that the asian massage parlours were brought about by his wife.)

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