RagħwaDawgħa has written a song inspired by the chat revelations

Several recent events have made me very happy such as the fact that one of my heroes began following me on Twitter. What also made me happy is the volume of memes that were created as a result of the recent Rosianne and Yorgen chat revelations, however, and this is even better, someone has even written a song.

RagħwaDawgħa is a Maltese folk group that has written a song called Min jidħak l-aħħar, inspired by recent events. You can listen to it below.



  1. The country and Maltese society has long gone to the dogs. I remember back in 2013, before the election being puzzled at the good vibes around Labour and their new way, roadmaps, costings etc. Everyone wanted Labour in at all costs. This is not about giving the other party a “chance”. You cannot afford taking chances with people’s well being. Yet and inspite of the warnings by various sources, even within the Labour fold, the “wise” Maltese turned a blind eye and switched on the well-oiled corrupt machine. What followed next is history, pitiful history. So the Maltese or at least a good chunk have repeatedly shown how foresight is not really a strength. We are, from a young age, brainwashed to see money/prizes as our true god(s). We fail to teach children that what’s important is to enjoy anything one does first and foremost, upskill, learn new things, explore, innovate. Any rewards, monetary or otherwise are just a consequence. Money is the root of all evil and Malta is a perfect example.

    Thank you for your work. Keep it coming.

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