Insanity is the beginning of the end

Statistically, people who inherit power and money, eventually lose it all. When one sees the historical course of businesses which are inherited by family members, over a very long-time frame, one would see that in the majority of cases, large inheritances are often decimated with rich families eventually becoming poorer as they are replaced in markets and businesses with new entrants who have earned their position by sheer grit, strength and skill. The same kind of fate applies to those in power.

Robert Abela was a nobody when he took power. He was just a pawn in Joseph Muscat’s greater plan and Robert played his part of the obedient and loyal servant very well. Eventually, Robert Abela was handed over the keys to the government for one simple reason: he was to provide impunity to Joseph Muscat and his associates and so far, Robert has fulfilled this task very well. Yet, by giving impunity to Joseph Muscat and his friends, Robert Abela has crippled the rule of law even further, weakened institutions, and kept Malta in a jungle rules system where those affiliated with the Party are allowed to loot and pillage the country. Under Robela’s premiership, Malta fell even further behind in the corruption index. It will probably fall even more.

Robert Abela is the typical example of history’s spoiled child: someone who received his power through corruption, inheritance and very particular circumstances and not through organic growth. In fact, Robert Abela wasn’t even popular in the Labour Party until Joseph Muscat campaigned for him and convinced the majority of its members to vote for him in the leadership race. And prior, to becoming the Prime Minister, Robert Abele owed his position and his wealth only thanks to his father who enabled him to become a rent-seeker and earn millions of Euros in fake public contracts, simply for bearing his his name.

Then there is Robert Abela’s character: hollow, shallow, greedy, myopic, narcissistic, vain, idiotic, ignorant, semi-literate, insular, mediocre and banal. Robert Abela has the perfect qualities of a villain whose ambitions are doomed from the start because he is so irrelevant ha can only shine by being someone else’s servant. And as Prime Minister, Robert Abela served Joseph Muscat perfectly well: despite the mounting evidence against all of them, Robert Abela still has a system in place which successfully guarantees Muscat’s and his friends’ safety. What’s different this time round is that Rosianne Cutajar can no longer be defended by legalistic discourse or Party propaganda: the evidence against her, morally and legally is so great that no reasonable person would ever exculpate her. And yet, Robert defended her.

Even die-hard Labourites are finally seeing through Labour’s propaganda as Robert Abela defends Rosianne in the most erratic and bizarre way. “I’m going to get a second salary because everyone around me is pigging out” is exactly the thing you need to infuriate Labourites who face the challenges of their daily lives. How and why doesn’t Robert Abela see that his defence of Rosianne falls flat even to his most loyal supporters?

At this stage, Robert Abela’s delusion that he is convincing people by constantly defending criminals, bribery, fraud and corruption is verging on the insane, and I say this literally. Robert Abela is so deluded, stressed and frustrated, right now that he is literally going insane, and this is to be expected. The man was never prepared for power and he is childish and reckless as they come.  His myopic thinking led him to believe that society would simply move forward from his premiership without looking back at the murder, crime and corruption that led him to his position. He genuinely believed that everything was going to be plain sailing because all of society’s problems were solved just as Joseph Muscat left power. Now, finally, he is realizing that this is not a game and that what he has done has impacted the lives of everyone in Malta and the future of our country. He begins to realise that everything is different from what he thought and as power leaves the tip of his fingers, he doesn’t know how to react or what to do next. He is trapped in his same old narrative, defending criminals hoping that his preconceived delusions will eventually prove him right. He won’t be right. He will leave office in disgrace as historically a Prime Minister for crooks.

The self-declared socialist who spent the Summer touring the Mediterranean on his yacht. He doesn’t understand, yet how ridiculous he looks and sounds.

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