The Labour Party is a criminal organisation

Finally, I’m out of reach of Malta’s police force, my equipment is safe, and I don’t need a team of lawyers to tell me what to do. I’m free to write my thoughts without any effective repercussions and I can recollect my thoughts and think about what has just happened in peace. Bliss. The taste of a little bit of justice after years of unbridled criminal rule by what supposedly should have been a party of socialists. We’re just dipping our toes into what can be a clean and normal future for Maltese politics and a functioning democracy with a rule of law. And it feels great.

Indeed, after years of being lied to, the corrupt politicians who regularly indulge in corruption and rent-seeking and who have been laughing behind our backs now get a taste of their own medicine. The bare and transparent truth in its entirety is incredibly beautiful in an environment where the most common truth is the propaganda narrative fabricated by a criminal party. For years we’ve been living with their lies, their fake narratives and their pretences and now they are breaking as truth is thrown into their face like a piece of mud which sticks.  Most of the people who read the chats between Rosianne Cutajar and Yorgen Fenech have rejoiced for this simple reason: not because they were scandalised by the corruption and neither because they saw it amusing. People already knew that Rosianne and Yorgen were in cahoots together, but Rosianne denied it and she had the power to deny it because the evidence, at the very worst, was still partial. Now, there is the full picture and no one can deny it. A small excerpt would have never sufficed. Editing the chats would have been a ridiculous exercise which defeated the purpose of publishing them. This is the bare and full truth in its entirety with no potential room for misinterpretation, or relative narratives. Yorgen Fenech and Rosianne Cutajar were not only in an intimate relationship together, they were criminal conspirators in business and in politics. They loved each other, and they loved conspiring together while wheeling and dealing their way through business and politics. The bare corruption mixed with emotional exuberance, lust, greed, desperation for power… they are all there. A psychological textbook of psychosis and evil. And people are rejoicing because the scumbag politicians can’t deny any of it. There should be no sympathy for psychopaths who willingly and knowingly harm society. For those who want a clearer picture in the brief form of the revelations involving the chats may read this excellent article by the Times of Malta.

Let’s put the most important thing in context here. Yorgen Fenech is being charged with the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, a journalist who exposed his corruption with top members of the Labour government under Joseph Muscat’s administration. What is mostly scandalous is that Yorgen Fenech and Rosianne Cutajar shared sensitive information on cabinet decisions leading us to question, what else did Yorgen Fenech ask Rosianne? This is important to establish. The chats provide only one aspect of the story between Rosianne and Yorgen and that is the aspect which has been recorded in particular on the Whatsapp app. We still don’t know what Yorgen and Rosianne said together off the record to each other verbally. If Yorgen was fishing for information from Rosianne in writing via Whatsapp, wouldn’t he have dared to ask her more sensitive stuff in person? And if she loved him so much, wouldn’t she probably have helped him procure this information?

I don’t think that many people have yet realised how serious this story is and how important it was to publish the chats in their entirety. We have an uncensored and full version of just one piece of the puzzle of Joseph Muscat’s and the Labour mafia. There are yet many more pieces to the puzzle that should be revealed. For future historians, this is a treasure trove.

Prime Minister Robert Abela has a different perspective, of course, although whatever he thinks is only a product of preconditions. Robert has defended Rosianne Cutajar and condemned the Nationalist Party and the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola for supposedly, associating with me. For the first time ever, I see Robert Abela as incredibly fearful and nervous with his script slipping out of his realm of confidence. The stress shows in him with a clear frustration at realising that power is slipping away from his fingers. He is also probably getting too personal, frustrated at his lack of superstar status next to a potential political adversary who would sweep the floor with him. I have no doubt he is jealous of Roberta Metsola stealing the show at Malta’s business community celebratory dinner and of having Malta’s best-selling authors waiting in line to take photos with her. It’s only misogyny if you reveal the psychopathy of a Labour corrupt politician conspiring with the alleged murderer of a journalist. Yet, this time round, as the electoral pendulum swings away from Labour, Robert is doing us a big favour in supporting Rosianne with a jarring narrative about feminism. I also have serious doubts about whether Roberta Metsola and the Nationalist Party would accept being described as my associates, but this is a typical diatribe of a dictator. Labour has been conveniently using moral principles accepted by the majority to cover up its evil and corruption, just like it does by pinkwashing.

I’m also glad that Rosianne Cutajar will stay on in parliament and that “Nisa Laburisti”, an organisation whose mere existence is a hallmark of Labour’s misogyny, is defending her. Readers of my blog may remember my point on how the Labour Party perceives society today: a cynical society driven purely by material interests and does not care about justice for Daphne Caruana Galizia. In a way, this is true because many Labour supporters are like that, but Malta also has another reality which is the reality of the majority of the Maltese who do not support the Labour government. And by keeping Rosianne in politics, Robert is digging even deeper into the Labour Party’s grave eventually making it harder for it to ever get out of it. Robert Abela is making it absolutely clear to the whole world that the Labour Party is a criminal organisation. As the walls start closing in with an electorate willing to oust Labour from power, there is little time left to build new narratives. The emperor is naked. Now, Labour is desperate and will go on the offensive and that is why Robert has finally taken up the task to attack me directly.

When Robert Abela took power, he did so with the precondition that he was to give impunity to Joseph Muscat and his associates, and so far, Robert Abela has been very successful in doing so.  He is even going so far as to keep up his end of the bargain by also allowing Rosianne Cutajar to remain a Member of Parliament. But this deal has worked out so successfully that despite the fact that such chats can be used as evidence to incriminate Rosianne Cutajar on multiple crimes, Rosianne has never been indicted for anything, nor for tax evasion, bribery, or criminal conspiracy. And this is another important point of this story. With the publication of these chats, we know that the police have evidence by which they could incriminate Rosianne Cutajar but have yet, not opened any cases against her. At least, people are not stupid and they are ever increasingly becoming aware that impunity reigns and that the Labour Party is a self-serving criminal organisation with the police force covering up for everyone one of them.

What’s misogynistic in this story is not the revelations of the dumb sexual and teenage-like remarks by the criminal couple. What’s misogynistic in this story is that Joseph Muscat and Keith Schembri used an attractive young woman as a prize to their criminal conspirator. It baffles me how people are so naive to fail to understand the full context of the power dynamics of this story. Rosianne Cutajar is just a pawn being moved around, willingly and knowingly (she’s not innocent), and Yorgen is merely using her for his ends, yet this is only allowed because it serves the interests of those at the top of political power. In order for people to understand the full context of these chats, they must think of a criminal organisation. I wish Daphne was here so that she may explain it better than I do. She used to do it very well, and today we stand on her shoulders trying to bring her some justice. It was in fact Daphne who was on the receiving end of constant misogyny and hatred by the Labour Party and not Rosianne. Rosianne is not a victim, she’s evil. Do you ever remember “Nisa Laburisti” releasing statements on the misogyny directed against Daphne by the Labour Party? I don’t.

Those who haven’t rejoiced with the publication of the chats are focusing on me as a subject, but I am not the subject in this history, and only an object that has ended up in these circumstances via very unexpected events. Some are saying I should have done this or should have done that instead, but at the end of the day, I’m not a superhero and neither perfect. My original aim was to publish the truth. Then I was challenged with a libel case by Rosianne Cutajar who used her status and power in the Labour Party to silence me. I’m not a violent person and I believe in rule-of-law and also love the legal and court process, so what I will say next is figurative in relation to this context. I will keep my word when I say that any corrupt politician or anyone remotely involved in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia who opens a libel case against me, I will mop the fucking floor with you, break your spirit, ruin your political career and make sure you eventually end up in prison. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman, a man, or non-binary: I’m an equal opportunities employer and I’ll fucking destroy you whoever you are and wherever you come from. And just so that you know, my will to ruin you is so great to the extent that I take it personally because, after all, I lost my place in the party and the government because of you. Take me seriously because this is not a game, but very serious business.


  1. In this piece you managed to paint an excellent picture of the corrupt moral fibre that the labour party is. Thanks to this piece one can immediately get to the root of problem without loosing focus due to the sleaze. Yes Daphne probably would have managed to pull in an extra few strands but this piece is amazing. Infact this piece and the times article with the highlights are enough to make you vomit with the pungent smell of the rot. Mark, most of Malta is thanking you, but all of Malta will thank you in a few years time.

  2. A well written article. Keep up the fight. It’s thanks to you and others of your ilk who will help to start the swing to remove this corrupt party from government.

  3. Pig population on the decline imma safrattant kif spjegatilna sew Nuxellina in her love chats with Yorgie “kulhadd jithanzer, mela nithanzer bhalhom”.

  4. Excellent article. We need more people with balls like you Mark. You are the voice for all those having no voice at all. However, please make sure to protect yourself well and never let off your guard. As we all know well, these criminals are capable of everything. They have already done it with Daphne.

  5. Labour supporters have been/are being betrayed by criminals who are using the Labour Party and Labour supporters to corrupt, compromise, usurp … a gang of TRAITORS taking advantage of the Labour Party to enrich themselves – at the expense of all the Maltese population, including of course Labour supporters – with complete disregard to Malta’s reputation. I just cannot understand how brainwashed some are – how can anyone still be defending and sticking up for these traitors. It is insulting that the present Labour leaders even dare to think that we are gullible enough to swallow their lies. Pfff.

  6. Interessanti li fl-intervista tiegħek ma’ Jon f’April 2021 kont għidt li l-PL mhux organizzazjoni kriminali iżda issa wara r-riċerki li għamilt, qed tindika mod ieħor. Inkredibbli kif spiċċa dal-partit li wassalna noħolmu tant fl-2012. Grazzi tal-ħidma tiegħek b’risq il-poplu Mark. Nammira l-mixja li għamilt minn kif niftakrek żgħażugħ sa llum.

  7. Nemmen li hawn hafna nies bhalek, lesti biex jitkellmu, imma jibzghu. Hawn HAFNA nies li jibzghu. Int waqaft lill-ghola stituzzjoni li hawn (Il-gvern fl’intier tieghu), j’alla hafna iktar jaghmlu kuragg.

  8. Brilliantly written. I admire your courage and your constant drive to shed light on the truth. Keep at it Mark

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