Robert Vella is a freemason

Robert Vella

Finally, I could confirm from various sources that Robert Vella is a freemason. I have also confirmed that Robert Vella had problems with the lodge he was a member of for his criminal associations, and some members also wanted to expel him. He is until this day a member of a masonic lodge.

Now, we need to establish Robert Vella’s connection with the human trafficker, Kurt Buhagiar whose illegal development killed Jean-Paul Sofia. We also need to establish the link between Robert Vella and Robert Abela.

This story is very complex and may lead to much bigger stories that explain why Joseph Muscat has a lot of leverage on Robert Abela and also explains why Robert Abela doesn’t want to open a public inquiry on the death of Jean-Paul Sofia.

I need people to keep coming up to me to speak up about Robert Vella and Kurt Buhagiar.

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