What does Joseph Muscat know about Robert Abela?

There’s one thing that Joseph Muscat could do when he was in power and that was whip-lash Robert Abela around like a bitch. After all, Robert Abela didn’t have any actual role or any importance in Muscat’s administration.

In fact, credit where credit is due, I am sure Robert Abela was never involved in the Vitals and Stewards deals and I don’t think Joseph Muscat would ever have asked his opinion unless to frame him: Robert Abela is dumb as they come and he wouldn’t have been useful for anything other than to serve as an accessory to a crime.

In any case. My theory is that Robert Abela was not involved in the public hospitals fraud. So, why is he defending this fraudulent deal altogether?

Because I know something else which is not theory, but actual fact although the story is complex and I’m not able to write it this stage. In reality, Robert Abela is very afraid of Joseph Muscat. Basically, Joseph Muscat knows something about Robert Abela which could incriminate and embarrass him deeply and I know what this is. Many people know about this too, but so far many have remained silent about it and I urge you to come forward with more details.

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