Robert Abela’s man at LANDS: Robert Vella

Robert Vella

In February 2021, Robert Abela appointed his own man as CEO of LANDS: Robert Vella. Today, after the scandalous disaster that killed JeanPaul Sofia, Robert Abela would like to remove Robert Vella as head of LANDS, but Abela is being cautious about Vella’s removal, so far. I wonder why.

It’s very strange how Robert Vella was appointed head of LANDS because he is indeed, a very shady character. LANDs is a very large government entity and ideally would need to be led by someone with vast executive experience which Robert Vella has none.

There are many strange things about Robert Vella, his appointment and the disastrous event which killed JeanPaul Sofia. It’s also very strange that Robert Abela is adamant not to hold a public inquiry on the death of JeanPaul.

And isn’t it strange that Robert Vella appointed as his driver a man who was previously arrested in Sicily for human trafficking, Kurt Buhagiar. After being appointed driver to Robert Vella, Kurt Buhagiar was then appointed as an administrative office at LANDS. Somehow, Kurt Buhagiar managed to get hold of public land in an industrial estate and proceeded to develop it until the construction site collapsed and killed JeanPaul Sofia.

These are things which make you go hmmmm….

There is much more to this story, but I need various confirmations on some information that I have and anyone who has information on Robert Vella and Kurt Buhagiar should come forward. Anonymity is guaranteed as always, even if you were involved with these people.

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