Traitor to the nation

In politics, we can disagree on many things such as economic policy, foreign affairs, public management and much more, and in theory, such disagreements would take place between people who would have at heart the best interests of the nation.

It’s a different case altogether in Malta where the Labour Party in government is unashamedly defending the international fraudsters of Steward in parliament over the fraudulent public hospitals deal. We are a country divided not by politics but by common sense and moral principles where on one side there is a criminal organization running the country and on the other, there’s a whole group of different people with different political ideas who simply want what’s best for their country.

Over the fraudulent public hospitals deal, Robert Abela had the chance to unite the country and provide leadership worthy of a statesman. Instead, yesterday in Parliament, Robert Abela stooped to new lows by turning the public hospitals’ debate into an infantile and partisan squabble. What’s worse, Robert Abela even defended Steward and listed their achievements in a parliamentary motion in what is a clear act of treachery. Indeed, Steward can now use Robert Abela’s proposed motion against the government in court. This is not a genuine mistake because Robert Abela is a lawyer and can not be given the benefit of the doubt on such glaring and obvious legal mistakes. Instead, we should see the situation as it is without any necessary complex interpretations. Robert Abela is a traitor to the nation who is using his position in parliament to defend Steward, Joseph Muscat and anyone involved in this deal.

There is no semblance of any political ideology in Labour nor any sense of goodwill. Labour’s parliamentary group has no shame or remorse and most of them look like they are having a ball. They are unperturbed and unconcerned that a Labour government executed the biggest fraudulent deal in Maltese history and that the Prime Minister is unashamedly taking Steward’s side.

Robert Abela is insane. He has completely lost the plot. Had he been acting the way he is in a liberal democracy with rule-of-law his behavior of yesterday would have been considered impeachment material. Our Prime Minister is literally openly and explicitly fighting against the nation’s interest in parliament and this is so bizarre it blows my mind. I sincerely did not expect him to be so totally disgraceful and stupid. Crooked, yes, but this level of treacherous stupidity is on a whole new level. What a total disgrace.

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