Here’s a legal lesson on sexual harassment to Ivan Mifsud

This is Ray Mangion: a lecturer at the Faculty of laws, a sexual predator and Labour's last intellectual.

This is a gentle reminder to the Dean of the Faculty of Laws, Ivan Mifsud that internal inquiries by the University of Malta do not establish whether a crime has been committed or not. It’s been quite a long tradition of internal inquiries that have protected sexual predators in educational institutions and indeed, internal inquiries are in many cases, only a layer of protection against the aggressor from more serious and authoritative legal inquiries.

Ray Mangion, the sexual predator, was exonerated by an internal inquiry and yet again, recently he has been protected by an internal University official. However, these internal inquiries mean nothing because legally and formally only the police can determine whether a crime has been committed or not and they would have to confirm their assertions in a court of law. So, the University’s internal inquiry on alleged sexual harassment by Ray Mangion did indeed protect him because such an inquiry would have preferably been made by the police. Of course, this is all in theory because our police force is a different story altogether.

When was the last time that a sexual predator from an educational institution was hauled to court in Malta?

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