I was in court today explaining why Rosianne Cutajar belongs in prison

So, in late 2021, Rosianne Cutajar filed a criminal complaint against me accusing me of “threatening her” and whatnot after I retorted to her libel threat that I will be her worst nightmare.

Since then I have proceeded to produce evidence yet unseen of Rosianne’s intimate relationship with Yorgen Fenech. Rosianne’s libel case is in fact on my claims that she had an intimate relationship with Yorgen Fenech.

Today, at the criminal case I made a commitment under oath that I will ruin the career of the remaining politicians who have had an illicit relationship with Yorgen Fenech of any kind and of those who were involved in any way in Daphne’s murder. I also explained why Rosianne Cutajar should be in prison and the police failed and or refused to charge her.

The libel case with Rosianne continues on the 22nd of March.


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