Labour’s last intellectual is a sexual predator

This is Ray Mangion: a lecturer at the Faculty of laws, a sexual predator and Labour's last intellectual.

This is professor Raymond or Ray Mangion, a law professor at the University of Malta and one of Labour’s last intellectuals. Around two months ago he was found guilty by an internal board of discipline of sexually harassing one of his female students he was supervising for their thesis dissertation. He is banned from giving supervision to students for their thesis dissertations.

The Labour Party covered up for him and made sure that this scandal does not come out in public. Currently, the Labour Party is starved of intellectuals so they are desperately trying to keep Ray Mangion in survival mode for their own sake.

Ray Mangion is also currently chairing the board of the Academy for Disciplined Forces and has a programme on Labour’s propaganda channel ONE TV. I also remember him very well. He smelled from miles away and rarely showered, his clothes used to be filled with dandruff, his mouth smelled of dead ogres, and he was pretentious, arrogant, yet totally idiotic and lacking any particular skill or knowledge that would make him slightly unique. Well, now we know that he is a sexual predator too.

Welcome to the University of Malta.

PS: Anyone who has stories about sexual harassment at the University of Malta please don’t hesitate to send me your story at Your confidentiality is assured.

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